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Join us on a 360° virtual tour of The University of Tampa's beautiful campus and outstanding facilities. Click and drag in any direction to explore.


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“Grateful for the team @TheCampusVR. Thanks for working with @DukeMBB”

Nolan Smith

Nolan Smith

“Grateful for the team @TheCampusVR, Super excited about working together.”

Damon Stoudamire

Damon Stoudamire

“I remember visiting colleges with my 3 girls & I can’t imagine missing that during these unprecedented times. Virtual travel is now easier with @thecampusVR. Some of your favorite college programs are making campus visits a breeze from your laptop.”

Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg

“Spent the day at @thecampusvr HQ in NYC watching the incredible VR tours they create for universtities. Videos so lifelike make unofficial visits possible at your fingertips! Truly impressive stuff.”

Book Richardson

Book Richardson


The Magic of CampusVR

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Easy to Use

Our robots autonomously navigate your campus, and our production team builds your beautiful video. CampusVR technology is no hassle.

Alumni Connections

Applicants aren’t the only ones who want to see your campus, your alumni do, too. Get alumni excited by offering virtual tours of their old campus.

Student Accessible

The best universities are home to students from far and wide. Make university tours accessible to students who are unable to physically visit your campus.