Virtual Reality Tours Benefits

We are CampusVR

Bring Colleges to Students

At CampusVR, we believe students everywhere should be able to visit college campuses, even when they cannot physically do so. We partnered with a recognized virtual reality provider and came up with a solution

Our Product

360 Immersion

Our virtual tours allow alumni, potential students, and the public to view college campuses in a panoramic style, granting them the immersive nature of a college tour without physically being on the campus.

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Students outside at a University Campus

Bridging the Gap

Catering to a Niche

While virtual reality companies have tackled industries such as retail, real estate, and entertainment, many have failed to recognize the need for colleges and universities to offer virtual tours. CampusVR bridges the gap between schools and students, allowing for those unable to physically visit due to financial or logistics reasons to see the campus.

Our Edge

Bring Life to a Campus

With CampusVR, college applicants no longer have to rely solely on still website images to get an idea of what a university campus is like. The virtual experience brings any college campus to life, even when the viewer is thousands of miles away.

Access From All Over the Country

Access From All Over the Country
Universities know that some of their best students come from across the country, and are unable to make it to the campus to view it in person. The feel of a campus can be a make or break decision for a student when choosing their college. Help them make their decision by providing an immersive virtual tour of your campus with our technology.

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