VR Campus Tours
Use Cases

Virtual Reality, VR, is now taking on a greater presence in device use across the planet. Learn how your university or school can use VR as a recruitment tool for prospective students and athletes.


Higher engagement creates better connections with prospective students


Stand-out in the transfer portal. Engage with prospective athletes.
Showcase your facilities



Campus Tours

Your VR campus tour can be featured on the home page or used in the admissions section

Initial Engagement

Use a link to the VR tour to connect with prospective students. Using VR will make your school stand out from the pack.

LIVE Campus Tours

Use our VR guide kit to hold LIVE VR tours of the campus

Admissions Sessions

Use LIVE VR to hold admissions sessions one on one or scheduled appointments

Open House

Include parents and families in the experience.

Travel Team

Use the CampusVR dedicated headsets and hardware to showcase your campus when on high school visits


Practical Applications of a VR Athletics Tours

International Outreach

Save prospective students travel dollars. Give them an in depth VR tour without having to travel

1 on 1 Recruitment

Through our LIVE functionality, you can connect with recruits and show them your facilities

LIVE Facilities Tours

Take recruits on a tour of your facilities in VR and conduct the tour live over your video production.