The Benefits of VR Watch Times

What is the real difference between a video vs. a point and click VR video vs a CampusVR moving VR tour video? 


Static Video watch times.  


Here is what I can tell you about your watch times without knowing anything about your youtube habits.  When you put on a youtube video they have your eyeballs for no more than 10 seconds (that’s generous) before you turn your head away.  The video is likely still on and you are listening but you are no longer watching the video.  


Point and Click Virtual Reality VR Tour watch times.


After many case studies conducted by CampusVR on the popular point and click virtual reality VR tour here is what we concluded.  

  • Parents will click and swipe on the static image 4-5 times before they put the phone down.  

  • Students will click 2 and possibly a third click a student will put the phone down and no longer interact with the tour.



What are the benefits of VR watch times?


As you can see, watch times are the real differentiating factor when comparing CampusVR’s moving virtual reality tour, to a static video or point and click tour.  


Static videos and point and click tours can keep the parent or student watch time occupied for a couple of seconds before they lose interest.


A CampusVR virtual reality VR moving tour experience allows the institution to connect with the student on a much more immersive experience that will engage them for minutes upon minutes at a time. 


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