Benefits of VR Watch Times

Young man watching VR through a headset

BENEFITS OF VR WATCH TIME The Benefits of VR Watch Times What is the real difference between a video vs. a point and click VR video vs a CampusVR moving VR tour video?  Static Video watch times.   Here is what I can tell you about your watch times without knowing anything about your youtube habits.  […]

VR Game Day Experiences

gameday vr experiences for college athletics

VR Game Day Experiences VR Game Day Experience   How are clients using College Game Day VR experience in the Transfer Portal?   VR Game Day footage of their respective sport.   With so many players in the Basketball transfer portal, programs have been using VR game day footage to show recruits what it will […]

VR Campus Tour Use Case

UCF admissions building

VR Campus Tour Use Case VR Campus Tour Use Case If you followed our top 11 VR campus tour benefits series you’ll know one of the best use cases for a VR campus tour is the live tour function. And so using your VR campus tours effectively is to use headsets as part of the […]

Top 11 Benefits of VR Campus Tours

Woman using vr goggles outdoors

Still considering upgrading form virtual to moving, 360 VR for your campus tours? Here are the “Top 11 Benefits” of VR campus tours. No more frustrating point and click Longer Engagement than current “virtual” tours Fully immersive moving, walking experience for students Intuitive and Optimized for maximum viewing Can be used with VR headsets or […]

How to use Virtual Reality VR Campus Tours for student engagement

  How to use VR for student engagement to increase enrollment numbers VR is an up and coming technology with a growing number of users purchasing the device; oculus, ps5 and soon apple. The devices will allow users to experience different places. ‘Virtual Reality’ college campus tours are a fantastic example of environments prospective students […]

Best Colleges and Universities in America

Auburn University

Best Colleges & Universities In The USA        Coinciding with the start of the school year, Stacker has compiled a list of the best colleges in the country using niche rankings. The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education publish annual rankings of U.S. colleges and universities. These rankings include performance indicators such as […]


The NCAA Final Four was a bonanza for CampusVR! Here are a few actual coach’s reactions upon visualizing a CampusVR tour. “I don’t need to see more than a minute. Let’s set this up” – @ACC Conference Head Coach “This is dope” – @CAA Conference Head Coach “This is amazing, and we need it right away” – Big 12 […]

TRUE Virtual Reality Campus Tour vs Virtual Tour

True VR Campus Tours

VR for Education TRUE Virtual Reality Campus Tour vs Virtual Tour Virtual is not VR #collegesanduniversities #collegeadmission #collegeadmissions  #campustour #virtualcampustours #VRcampustours #admissionprocess #university TRUE Virtual Reality Campus Tour vs Virtual Tour The covid events of the last 2 years have highlighted the need for virtual campus tours. Covid restrictions made it so more prospective students […]

Why CampusVR?

WHY CAMPUS VR? Why did I found CampusVR, a company whose focus is providing true Virtual Reality tours of college campuses? Actually it was my children’s idea! While trying to plant a seed of the importance of college, I went online with my children (14, 12) to my alma mater’s web site. What we found was […]

Benefits of VR Campus Tours

Portia Pliam using the VR goggles

Benefits of VR Campus Tours   Colleges often post pictures and videos of digital campus tours (think Google Maps Street View) to give prospective students and their parents an idea of what the campus looks like. Students unable to travel the distance for financial reasons can take advantage of virtual college tours to get a […]