Benefits of Campus Tours

Georgia Tech Dinihg Hall with a blue sky backgrouns

Benefits of Campus Tours How do you decide which school is best for you? You’ve already made up pro/con lists for your respective schools, analyzed over every detail, so what now? How do you decide where you’re going to spend the next four years? There are many benefits of campus tours for students planning their […]

VR Campus Tours for Admissions Use Cases

True VR 360 Campus Tours

VR Campus Tours of Admissions Use Cases Schools using VR are gaining an edge with the next generation of students. As VR users are growing VR will become the main device for interactions. Looking for the wow factor universities can turn to Campus VR for a moving, walking tour to showcase their campus and facilities. […]

College Enrollment Plunging

More engagement drive enrollment

Colleges scramble to recruit students as nationwide enrollment plungesThis very detailed article published by the The Washington Post discusses many of the issues being confronted by a very large portion of non-elite universities nationwide.Since 2019 “hundreds of thousands of students have left the college pipeline amid pandemic turmoil and the lure of jobs” and “colleges across America […]

Benefits of Augmented Reality Campus Tours

True VR Campus Tours

Benefits of Augmented Reality Campus Tours As technology evolves, future students will have an additional opportunity to seek higher education: virtual reality tours of colleges. The state director of the state-funded initiative Helping Young People Prepare for College realized that virtual reality could be a way to get students to college across the state if […]

Virtual Campus Tours for Students or Athletes

college athletics and sports

Virtual Campus Tours for Students or Athletes Virtual Campus Tours for Students or Athletes As a higher education institution, why wouldn’t you want to showcase your school? And what better way to do that than a 360° virtual tour! As a college, you can showcase the best parts of your campus. From your top notch […]

Benefits of Virtual Campus Tours

Modern College Campus Building

The Benefits of Virtual Campus Tours College. University. Higher Ed. Academia. The next chapter of a high school student’s life is an important one. Choosing the right institution will play a key role in the future success  of all students. Part of making the right choice is to do proper due diligence and research. Visiting […]