How to use VR for student engagement to increase enrollment numbers


How to use VR for student engagement to increase enrollment numbers

VR is an up and coming technology with a growing number of users purchasing the device; oculus, ps5 and soon apple. The devices will allow users to experience different places. ‘Virtual Reality’ college campus tours are a fantastic example of environments prospective students planning their academic careers will use to get familiar with a school. How you can use VR for student engagement to increase enrollment numbers.

Reduce Travel Costs

Campus college look and feel is an important part of the decision process The opportunity to see it in person is definitely a big advantage however the downside is the cost. The cost of travel and the time required to see multiple universities can be prohibitive. Considering the cost of college this added and or additional cost can discourage students especially if they have economic challenges.

Showcase your Facilities

And so VR is an excellent way for universities and colleges to present and showcase their campus to these future students. The CampusVR moving, walking virtual reality experience is unique.

Moving Walking Experience

First it replicates a walking tour of the campus taking students on a journey as if they were walking on campus. It’s also designed to sustain longer viewing times resulting in higher engagement.

Stronger Connection Through Live Tours

This is a great opportunity for the admissions team to create stronger connections with future students. Additionally, the live VR experience means that you could connect with these students in real time and give a live tour. This is essentially a personalized admission session with them. Your counselors can answer all their questions about campus life, academics, how to enroll and the application process.

This allows your school to have a more direct and personal connection. Prospective students can also bring their parents to experience the campus as well. We know Mom and Dad will want to see the dorms, dining halls, the the classrooms and all the other facilities available for their child on campus.

So the time is now right for colleges and universities to invest in a VR campus tour to their advantage to create higher engagement and stronger connection with prospective students.

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