More Benefits of Virtual Campus Tours

During the past year and a half, many students all over the world had to pick a college to attend without even getting to visit! Now a visit isn’t necessary, but is definitely worth looking into if you are still deciding. But what if you can’t travel to the schools you’re deciding between? Well, we have a solution! Virtual reality tours! Virtual reality tours allow you to explore a school right from your home. You can see in 360° anytime you want.

Virtual reality tours have their own unique benefits in comparison to real-time tours.

So what can a virtual reality tour offer?

Virtual reality tours offer streamlined tours of a campus’ best features. Rather than spending time walking past building after building, a virtual tour can efficiently show you what you’re most interested in.

In addition, virtual reality tours can maximize your time. You may want to see 10+ schools, but if you have to travel to each school, that’s a lot of time and money that not everyone can afford. But with virtual reality tours, you can easily see as many schools as you want and never leave your home.

To a degree, a campus is a campus. Typically made up of many buildings, some for lectures, others for dorm rooms, but regardless of what’s inside, they all look pretty similar and serve the same purpose. So what’s the purpose of travelling to every single school you applied to just to see some buildings? Now the handy thing about a virtual tour is that you don’t need to travel, and if you don’t wish to, you can skip the boring buildings. You can go straight to the theater if you’re interested in the arts, or the athletic facility if sports is more aligned with your interests.

In this day and age, as the technology industry continues to grow, if you haven’t adapted, you’ll be left behind.


The flexibility to do it on your own time
Don’t have to travel many miles
Accessible to everyone
See more campuses in fewer time
Be able to narrow down choices… then possibly travel

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