Still considering upgrading form virtual to moving, 360 VR for your campus tours?

Here are the “Top 11 Benefits” of VR campus tours.

  1. No more frustrating point and click
  2. Longer Engagement than current “virtual” tours
  3. Fully immersive moving, walking experience for students
  4. Intuitive and Optimized for maximum viewing
  5. Can be used with VR headsets or any other device
  6. LIVE tour feature for your admissions counselors
  7. Create stronger digital connections
  8. Sponsorship opportunities with gamification for sustained engagement
  9. VR shopping cart feature
  10. Use for Athletics recruiting
  11. Customized production for your school

Your school can be a leader in higher ed technology. Have your true, moving, walking, 360 VR campus tour experience to drive enrollment within 3 weeks.


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