Virtual Campus Tours for Students or Athletes

Virtual Campus Tours for Students or Athletes

As a higher education institution, why wouldn’t you want to showcase your school? And what better way to do that than a 360° virtual tour! As a college, you can showcase the best parts of your campus. From your top notch libraries, to world class athletic facilities, to luxury dorm residencies.

  • Capture campus essence
  • Max focus on highlights of campus
  • College has creative control
  • Present school in the best way possible for students


Squash on west coast & GW cutting squash

As I gear up for college this fall, I look back on the lengthy process it took to get here. My college search started much earlier compared to any of my friends. This is due to the fact that I wanted to get recruited to a Varsity squash program.

From the beginning of sophomore year, I researched squash schools, squash coaches and squash programs. I learned everything I could about Varsity squash and how I could get recruited.

I learned from friends a year ahead of me that the best way to get recruited was to meet the coach in person and show them your skills. So that’s exactly what I did.

The summer before my junior year, I went to my first recruiting squash camp at Amherst College. There were multiple coaches at that camp from a variety of schools and I had the chance to showcase my skills to try and pique their interest. I knew I was a bit ahead of the game, since most of the coaches paid attention to rising seniors more than rising juniors. But nonetheless, a year later, when I started contacting coaches myself, the coaches at that camp already knew who I was. My junior year of high school, I continued my research on schools, now factoring in my academics, and narrowing the list of squash schools to the ones I truly wanted to attend. Now comes the summer before senior year, I attended two weeks of squash camp that had multiple college coaches. This was my opportunity to show them that I was a good recruit.

Fast forward to December of my senior year, I was offered a spot on the George Washington University (GW) squash team. It was a dream come true. But, there was a catch. I had never been to GW, I knew very little about the school, and had no idea if it would be a good fit. Besides doing hours of research online, I couldn’t really tell if GW was the best place for me. So, I took a trip out to D.C. to visit the campus and meet the coach for the very first time.

By walking around campus, despite being pretty empty since I visited during winter break, I could really imagine myself being a student here. I could visualize myself walking from class to squash practice to my dorm hall.

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