VR Campus Tour Use Case

VR Campus Tour Use Case

If you followed our top 11 VR campus tour benefits series you’ll know one of the best use cases for a VR campus tour is the live tour function. And so using your VR campus tours effectively is to use headsets as part of the marketing efforts of the admissions team. The hardware kit, which we call the guide kit, is configured in such a way that you can hold live tours over your moving, walking, VR campus tour.

Our guide kit includes two headsets and a tablet connected to the internet. If you are in a kiosk setting at a conference we have an intranet router that allows you to control the two headsets without relying on and connecting to shaky hotel wifi. You can also use the guide kits when the admissions team visits high schools to hold VR sessions of up to 30 with an extension kit.

The guide kit allows the controller with the tablet to take the users wearing the headsets on their campus tour. The journey is controlled on the tablet and you can also see where the users are looking. So if a user is looking left and the other user is looking right you can click on the tablet to bring their attention to a specific point. For example, to the center bottom or top of the screen so they’re both looking at the same location that you are describing.

You can also pause the tour to discuss a certain location in more detail. For example, if you are in the dining hall, you can pause and look at the different restaurants. You can be in the dorms and show the different parts of the dorm and floor and so on to showcase in detail all of your facilities.

Using your VR guide kit hardware will allow your traveling team to bring headsets to schools, fairs and conferences. You can then conduct multiple LIVE tours

This VR guide kit is a fantastic complement to our new premium features; Live tours, embedded sponsorship, and videos, and also very soon the shopping cart function within the VR environment.

If you’d like to learn more about this use case, let’s schedule a demo together in the next few days. Seeing the experience in VR will clearly show how much of a game-changer this will be for campus tours and driving enrollment.


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