VR Campus Tours use cases

VR Campus Tours of Admissions Use Cases

Schools using VR are gaining an edge with the next generation of students. As VR users are growing VR will become the main device for interactions. Looking for the wow factor universities can turn to Campus VR for a moving, walking tour to showcase their campus and facilities.

Marymount University

The Washington Business Journal mentions some schools in the District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia area have some struggles and declining enrollment. In some cases 14% lower.

Among Greater Washington’s major colleges and universities, from George Mason to Georgetown, Maryland to Marymount, there were plenty of winners tallying more new and returning students than the previous year’s start,…” (source, Bizjournal.com)

VR played a key role for MU. The VR Campus Tours had multiple thousands of views and allowed students to immerse themselves in the campus and get a sense of it. Marymount have a VR campus tour and have used it during their recruiting drive and they saw their numbers continue to grow.

The University of Tampa

The U of Tampa case is quite remarkable. First they used the VR campus tour as part of their recruitment drives. Tampa has a freshman population of about 3000 students and 9000 total. Their admissions enrollment exploded. With too many students enrolled they offered scholarships to defer for a year. VR created some unexpected champagne problems for this school. (source: bizjournal.com  Fox13news)

VR builds stronger engagement and new connections for the schools. Campus VR is now offering LIVE VR campus tours where counselors can do one on one tours or even scheduled group tours. Universities will stand out and be on the edge of technology and offer student prospect a memorable first impression sure to drive enrollment even further.

New VR Campus Tours for Admissions Use Cases come up everyday. Ultimately, it is only our imaginations are holding back the infinite possible uses of VR.

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