VR Game Day Experiences

VR Game Day Experience


How are clients using College Game Day VR experience in the Transfer Portal?


VR Game Day footage of their respective sport.  


With so many players in the Basketball transfer portal, programs have been using VR game day footage to show recruits what it will be like to play their respective sport.  Throughout campus athletics vr tours a player can wear an oculus and be immersed as to what it will be like to play their sport at your school.  They will be able to see the game, feel the crowd and see the cheerleaders. The only thing they can’t do is smell it.  


VR Game Day footage of a different respective sport.


Today’s generation loves to feel the vibe. More important to most than a vr campus athletics tour is what they’re life is going to like on campus.  And this includes going to other sports teams games.  

Show the football player what it’s like to go to a basketball game with vr game day footage.  Have them see (not smell) what it’s like to watch the team run out as the student body goes crazy.  Let them have a sense with vr footage from a game day looks like.


And this is how clients are using VR for the transfer portal. As the college basketball transfer portal continues to be a part of todays game we can expect some intriguing and fascinating developments in the next few days and weeks. Stay tuned!!


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