VR Campus Tours for Admissions & Athletic Programs

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CampusVR for University Admissions & Athletics

About VR Campus Tours for Admissions and Athletics

Invite/Promote VR Tour

Stand out in the crowd of stale virtual tours


Build a stronger connections with your admissions counselors

Group Tours

Students will save on travel costs. Hold full tours and admissions sessions

LIVE Campus Tours

Your admissions counselors can now hold a live campus tour over VR (or non-devices).

Showcase your campus in the digital world and stand out.

Everyday is an openhouse

Compatible with all device, VR and Non VR


Showcase your campus like never before. Help students save on travel costs and time.  Have them join a live one on one tour and admission s session. Make sure your school fits their needs for their academic career.

Higher Engagement

 Keep users engaged. No more tedious point and click and clunky, static footage

Build Connections

Longer engagement is the perfect opportunity for building stronger connections.

Drive Enrollment

Your admissions team collect user information and create higher enrollment opportunities.


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