VR Advantages for Admissions

Moving, walking journey’s showcasing your campus facilities, classrooms, dorms, dining halls and more…


  1. Longer Engagement: VR is a captivating medium that grabs the attention of even the most disengaged students.
  2. Improved Understanding: VR provides a unique opportunity for students to experience what it would be like to attend your university. 
  3. Increased Enrollment: Research indicates that students who engage with VR tours are more likely to enroll in a university. 

See Below Some of our VR Campus Tour Productions

CVR VR Desktop/Mobile View


Enhanced Accessibility

Break barriers with true VR tours that transcend physical limitations. All students, regardless of location or abilities, can explore your campus remotely, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities.

Increased Diversity

Showcase your campus to a global audience. With true VR, attract top talent from diverse backgrounds and widen your applicant pool. Embrace the international stage!

Saves Time and Money

 Optimize resources while captivating students. True VR tours eliminate travel expenses and save time for both colleges and students, enabling focused exploration of multiple campuses.

Higher Engagement

Immerse students in your campus experience. With interactive VR tours, they can virtually visit classrooms, dorms, and facilities, forging a deeper connection and informed decision-making.

Personal Connections 

Forge meaningful relationships, regardless of distance. Admissions counselors can guide students through virtual tours, addressing queries and building rapport, enhancing the admissions journey.

VR Device Link to watch in VR Headset

CVR VR Map Solution


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