Press Release - For Immediate Release | December 1st, 2021

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 1, 2021

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New Partnership with StudentBridge

The Next Generation of Virtual Campus Tours is gaining momentum


ATLANTA, GA, December 1, 2021 — StudentBridge, the digital experience company that specializes in driving higher education enrollment through engaging digital experiences, has formed an exclusive partnership with CampusVR, the fully immersive 360° virtual reality campus tour company. 


The campus visit is widely recognized as one of the most influential parts of a prospective student’s college search. Although prospective students have long relied on digital experiences to form early impressions in their higher education choices, social distancing during the pandemic accelerated institutions’ need to to move their recruitment strategy and tactics online. Yet providing an authentic and meaningful virtual tour experience has been challenging. 


“Most virtual tours are made up of a series of 360° still photos that can make it difficult for students to really feel like they are visiting a campus. They show no campus life which is critical in the decision making process, because after all no one has ever chosen a college because they like the look of a building,” said Jonathan Clues, Founder and CEO of StudentBridge. “When I first met the founders of CampusVR at this year’s NACAC conference, I knew their 360° video content would be a game changer for our partner institutions, providing prospective students that can’t be on campus the next best thing, an immersive virtual experience.”


While virtual reality companies have tackled industries such as retail, real estate, and entertainment, many have failed to recognize the need for colleges and universities to offer virtual tours. CampusVR bridges the gap between schools and students. With CampusVR, college applicants no longer have to rely solely on still website images to get an idea of what a university campus is like. The virtual experience brings any college campus to life, even when the viewer is thousands of miles away.


“While trying to show my children the campus of where I went to college, I realized that little immersive video existed online to showcase the school in a meaningful way” said Zvi Goffer, Founder of CampusVR. “We immediately recognized the benefits of creating immersive, virtual tours in all aspects of higher education. By telling each school’s individual story, and allowing everyone to access to see it, CampusVR has enjoyed much success working with both admissions and athletics. Currently, our immersive videos mainly live on YouTube, but we feel that the combination of StudentBridge’s interactive digital engagement solutions and content delivery platform paired with CampusVR’s technology will help schools create a complete digital experience for their prospective students.”


CampusVR’s immersive 360° technology is now available to all StudentBridge partner schools with the ability to be seamlessly embedded into their existing StudentBridge digital experiences. 


About StudentBridge


Founded in 2015, StudentBridge’s virtual experience specialists have created award-winning digital solutions that have helped over 300 colleges and universities achieve their enrollment goals. With over 20 years of experience in rich media, StudentBridge works collaboratively with each institution to develop unique and completely customized digital solutions to engage with students and drive conversion at every stage of the recruitment funnel. StudentBridge aspires for every student to find the perfect fit and for every school to fill every seat. Learn more at


About CampusVR


Founded in late 2019, CampusVR was born with the mission to provide access for any student, regardless of financial status, location, or schedule, to visit the campus of any university in this country through 4K quality, 360º-virtual tours. We hold firm our belief that the ability for ANYONE to research adequately those schools in which he or she has an interest should be an option that all students are afforded.