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Since our last newsletter we’ve been working on some new productions to be released soon. We recently completed the Marymount University 360 virtual experience as well as athletic facilities tours for Texas Tech University and Oklahoma State University.

Marymount University HOME PAGE

Our latest production is being showcased on Marymount’s HOME PAGE.

Marymount University : have a look here or click below.

Marymount University Video link

Viewership Update

Our video for the University of Tampa Admissions Department has crossed the 20,000 views mark in 4 months!

“What happens when your institutions virtual tour is viewed over 20,000 times in 4 months? The highest % of accepted students who actually enroll in the institution (and a need for more student housing).”

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User Case

360 Video Virtual Experiences for your campus

For Dean of Students and the admissions department, showcase your campus from the student commons, dining halls to the residences. Highlight your academic facilities, class rooms labs and more.

Athletic directors can use virtual videos as part of the marketing process. Our video can focus on the training facilities, gym and arenas. 

Use the 360 video virtual experience to get attention. Less click-fatigue means more time on screen to get the key information prospective students and athletes need.

The FUTURE of Campus Tours TODAY.

VR/Oculus Friendly (but not required)

The Marymount University 360 video tour is a good example. You’ll see the VR icon if you wish to use it.


– Use your finger or mouse to explore: up/down-left/right.

– No more click-fatigue.

man in a red sweater looking into an oculus device

Here's a 360 Virtual Video Highlight Reel Click below and see.

Watch our Latest Productions

Oklahoma State University Virtual Campus Tour

Texas Tech Virtual Campus Tour

Highlights from the Road

Zvi’s drive from Lubbock, TX to Stillwater, OK.

The trip from Lubbock, TX to Stillwater, OK was full of many firsts for us. For example, I had never seen an armadillo or an oil rig before. So imagine my surprise when I saw an armadillo going to the bathroom on an oil rig!
All kidding aside, everything from the people, to the food, to the atmosphere was top-notch at these places. Big 12 hospitality is second to none. We still dream about the burgers at Blue Sky Texas in Lubbock and the fried chicken sandwich at Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater!

Welcome to the Team

CampusVR is thrilled to introduce our new summer associate, Portia Pliam.


Portia Pliam joins CampusVR as a summer associate ahead of her freshman year at Wesleyan University where she will be a member of the squash team.

“What we wanted to see, above all, from our candidates, was an eagerness and fearlessness to jump into the deep end of all aspects of the business. Our interview process ended with Portia”, said COO Manu Goffer.

Social Media

Our Social Media continues to gain traction. If you don’t follow us already, we would appreciate it if you could.