We Are CampusVR

The idea behind CampusVR was born when its founders, Manu and Zvi Goffer, wanted to show their children campuses of the schools they were watching play a game of college basketball. To their surprise, little immersive video existed online to showcase either of them. They immediately realized students, their families, alumni, and specifically the schools themselves would readily benefit from the type of virtual tours that CampusVR provides.

Meet Our Team

Manu Goffer

Manu Goffer


With a background in finance, Manu has spent the last 5 years catering his expertise to help companies grow. He provides a specialized and methodical approach in providing consultation to transitioning companies ready for growth in many aspects of business and real estate.

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Zvi Goffer

Zvi Goffer

Business Development

Zvi brings extensive knowledge in finance and private equity to potentially transform marketing for colleges and universities. His vision disrupts, both creatively and economically, the methodology in which institutions of higher learning will approach recruiting in the future.

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Curtis Malone

Curtis Malone

Director Sales

Curtis Malone is a partner and leads our sales department.  His extraordinary reach and respect within the world of college athletics is a tremendous asset to CampusVR.

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Stefan Mercier

Executive Vice-President

Stefan is a partner bringing extensive entrepreneurship & CTO experience from the college campus tour and student travel world. 

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Garett Garcia

Digital media editoR

Garett makes the digital magic happen.

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Yuri Garcia

Yuri Garcia

International Sales

coming soon

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sean wilson

Sean Wilson

Partner/Director of VR Entertainment

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Dan Moran

Dan Moran


Dan is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of higher education experience working with Med Schools, Law Schools, Private Universities, For-Profit Colleges, Community Colleges, State Schools, and Ivy League Universities.


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True VR Campus Tours



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Zvi and Manu Goffer on a basketball court

Reinventing An Industry

At CampusVR, our vision is for any student, regardless of financial status, location, or schedule, to view AS NEVER BEFORE, the campus of any university in this country through 4K quality, 360º-virtual tours. We hold firm our belief that education, and more specifically, the ability for ANYONE to research adequately those schools in which he or she has an interest, should be an option that all students are afforded.


We’re Here 24/7

Our team handles EVERY aspect of the production process, from storyboarding to operating our autonomous robots, to filming, and finally, editing. We work in tandem with each school to deliver precisely the video they require. We are always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

girl using a VR headset on a tour

Live VR Tours

We'll send YOU an Oculus to Watch in VR