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College Football Transfer Portal Goes Live Today


Welcome to the Most Significant Day in the History of College Football’s Transfer Portal. The NCAA College Football Transfer Portal Goes Live Today.

Buckle up buttercups for a WILD 45 days! Today, December 5th, 2022, marks the first time this year that Coaches and Athletic Directors will see the names of football student-athletes entering the transfer portal. 

The window for players to enter their names in the portal remains open for a total of 60 days; 45 days between today and January 18th, 2023 and 15 days between May 1st, 2023 and May 15th, 2023. Over 500 football student-athletes have already entered their names in the portal.


How intense will this session of the portal be? 


While capturing VR “Game-Day experience” footage for a client in the SEC Conference, CampusVR spoke with its Athletic Director who indicated that football is about to dwarf the transfer portal of College Basketball. Expected turnover on some teams is expected to be between 33%-50%, if not more.


That’s very interesting, considering the basketball transfer portal had over 1,500 names in it! And as a case study, CampusVR’s long list of basketball clients includes a program that ranked #1 in transfer minutes played last season.


What are the top 3 applications of CampusVR’s technology utilized by our clients regarding the transfer portal for football?


Catered Pitch

  • In November, 2021, the NCAA, at long last, did away with any restrictions regarding using video for recruiting purposes. Coaches can now send a prospect a personalized video created by an outside media company for recruiting purposes.  

  • Speak to the players you want to be a part of the program. Show the prospects that you can relate to them and that they, specifically, are the ones you are interested in.

Facilities Tours

  • Send the student-athlete a video link of your facilities as soon as a player enters the portal. It will work the same as an unofficial visit.

  • We will be able to tell you through analytics:

  1. If he watched the video

  2. If so, what parts he watched most frequently


 Day in the Life

  • Show the student-athlete what their “Life” will look like.

  • What’s the campus vibe like?

  • What is it like attending another sports game?

  • What your “Game Day” will look like.


As the college football transfer portal goes live today we can expect some intriguing and fascinating developments in the next few days and weeks. Stay tuned!!


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